Hwy 55 bankrupt – only survived a few months

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The American burger chain Hwy 55 had great plans for Denmark.

But it did not make it until Christmas. Only a few months after launching the first two units, the burger chain has gone bankrupt.

”It is without doubt the restaurant at Copenhagen Central Station, which has meant that we are bankrupt,” says Danish director Jens Due to Ekstra Bladet.

The first restaurant opened in Kolding June 17 this year, while the chain opened an express store at Copenhagen Central Station August 27.

The latter has cost dearly.

”Kolding unit went on fine, but it could not work around the Central Station,” says Jens Due.

The restaurant has been declared bankrupt December 21  and at the same time all the staff were terminated.

Just two months ago ambitions to open 30 to 35 restaurants around the country. Jens Due said the new concept had a unique niche place in the market between the cheap fast food chains and the slightly more expensive restaurants.

”Of course I am sad, and it was not a particularly good Christmas,” Jens Due tells Ekstrabladet.


The first Hwy 55-restaurant opened in North Carolina in 1991.