”ICA” added to Apotek Hjärtat’s logo

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Ica’s making it simple.
The pharmacy operations will keep the name Apotek Hjärtat and the new logotype will just have the ICA-logo added.

In January, Ica Group’s acquisition of Apotek Hjärtat was completed and during the spring Cura pharmacies and Apotek Hjärtat have been merged into a single company.
It has now been decided that the new company will be named Apotek Hjärtat and have a new graphic profile which includes the Ica symbol as part of the new logotype.ICA Apotek Hja¨rtat Logotyp (Skiss)

As a first step, all units within Cura pharmacies will be reprofiled. The work will begin in June and be completed by the end of the year. The remaining pharmacies will be rebranded with the new logotype during 2016. The first pharmacy to get the new profile will be the former Cura unit at Maxi Ica Stormarknad Lindhagen.
“We have chosen to keep the name Apotek Hjärtat but add Ica to the logotype. This way we leverage the strength of two of Sweden’s strongest brands. Ica wants to be the leading player within health and wellness and the acquisition of Apotek Hjärtat was a critical piece of the jigsaw for attaining that position,” says Per Strömberg, CEO of Ica Gruppen.
Work now continues with, among other things, the customer loyalty programmes. Apotek Hjärtat’s loyalty card will be valid in all the pharmacies that are reprofiled to Apotek Hjärtat. The loyalty programmes for ICA and Apotek Hjärtat will be coordinated during 2016.