ICA closed down Matkroken store after razzia

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On Tuesday Matkroken in Bærum was investigated by the police, who took the cash register and computer.

The day after, the shop signs were removed and the store closed by ICA.

The reason is possibly related to Lime-chain, ICA Norway’s communications manager tells Budstikka.

Matkroken is one of multiple grocery chains owned by ICA Norway.

”The shop is closed because the police suspected the merchant had something with Lime-chain to do”, says ICA Norway communications director Bjørn Takle Friis to Budstikka.

”To be completely sure that the name is not associated with anything illegal, we have taken down the sign and the store is closed until the investigation is completed”.

The current grocery store in Bærum was part of the Lime-chain until 18 July.

Bjørn Takle Friis emphasizes that the owner of the branch says he has nothing with Lime-chain to do, and that the police were looking for information about the previous owner.

20 people have been arrested by police in the Lime case.