ICA crucified by Christians – cancels tv-commercial

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“Distasteful” , ” Boycott ICA ”
You don’t make fun of the last supper.
Easter episode of the world’s longest advertising soap aroused strong reactions among believers.
Now ICA stops the movie.

ICA’s advertising soap about the merchant Stig and his associates in the store has been running since 2001 with a new sketch from the store every week.
When it was time for the commercial for the year’s biggest sales weekend it chose to mock the Eucharist. The episode represents a short sequence with the employees eating Easter dinner. When one of them mentions the breaking of bread in the Eucharist becomes another of ICA characters disgusted and start talking about hairy bodies and puts her fingers in a brown sauce.
The Christian newspaper Dagen noted many indignant reactions from readers and members of the church.
“As an ICA customer , I must protest against your distasteful Easter advertising. This trivialisation of the Christian Eucharist is an insult to all believers. Would you have done a similar satire commercial at Islam’s Ramadan or similar? I hope intensely that all Christians join forces and boycott ICA in the Easter trade.” writes a reader in an email to Dagen.
ICA first explained that the intention was not to mock the Eucharist or Christian people but creating a comic situation around ignorance of Easter and to introduce the new character Cindy as untactic and rude .
“Now we know that this aroused reactions that we were not prepared for. It is obvious that we had too little expertise in this area, said Ola Fernvall, press officer at Ica, on Wednesday.
Shortly thereafter, ICA decided to withdraw the film.
“We pull it back in all channels, it is done as quickly as possible but may take up to a day,” said ICA’s Håkan Sjöstrand later.
“I do not know how many there are who have complained to us , but very many have. I hope that those people who felt hurt know that we take responsibility for the situation and removes the film”, says Håkan Sjöstrand to Dagen.
ICA merchant Roland Johansson has not heard any complaints and do not agree with the critics.
– I myself am a believer but personally I do not take offense at it. One must have a sense of humor , he says.