Ica Kvantum becomes anchor store in Mall of Scandinavia

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Mall of Scandinavia strengthens its food offer with Ica.
Ica opens a large Kvantum store of nearly 3,300 square meters.

”We are extremely excited that Ica chooses to open a Kvantum store in Mall of Scandinavia. Kvantum fits in very well with the feeling we want to create and focus on fresh produced and food enjoyment. It also feels just right for the brand new neighborhood that is now taking shape,” says Lars-Åke Tollemark, Managing Director Nordic, Unibail-Rodamco.

The store in the Mall of Scandinavia comes with its 3,300 square meters to be one of the largest facilities in conjunction with Åhlens and SF Bio. The establishment strengthens the food and grocery profile in Mall of Scandinavia further.

”Ica’s investment in the Mall of Scandinavia once again shows the power of attraction of the Arena City, with its combination of shopping, office and residential space,” said Lars-Åke Tollemark.