ICA to update Baltic warehouse and head office

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ICA invests 75 million EUR in new logistics and office solutions in the Baltics.  The main part goes to expanding and renovating the central warehouse in Latvia.

ICA Gruppen has decided to expand and renovate its central warehouse and head office for Rimi Baltic.
Rimi Baltic is operating in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania through the store concepts Rimi Hypermarket, Rimi Supermarket, Supernetto and Säästumarket.

The investment is estimated to amount to 75 million EUR and will be implemented between 2016 and 2018.
ICA says the new warehouse will allow for an entirely new infrastructure for the whole Baltic market.

64 million of the total investment is for the warehouse renovation and 11 for the offices. The property is in Riga and after the expansion it will be 94,500 square meters in size, a net increase of 35,000 square meters compared to the situation today, which comprises both owned and rented warehouse space.
Around two thirds of the investment plan will be invested in 2016 and 2017, and the remainder in 2018.

When the central warehouse is expanded, warehousing operations in Latvia will be consolidated to the facility in Riga, and the central warehousing department for the Baltic countries will be expanded.