Ica: ”We’ll be climate neutral 2020”

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ICA Gruppen has taken the decision to be climate-neutral by 2020.

“Sustainability and the climate are a strategic priority for us,” says ICA Group President  Per Strömberg.

This encompasses the climate impact of all the Swedish and Baltic operations. The decrease will be measured using a science-based method developed by the UN and WWF, among others. ICA says it will achieve this by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and through more efficient use of resources as well as by climate compensating the climate impact than cannot be eliminated in ICA’s operations by 2020. “We achieved our previous target – to lower our direct climate impact by 30% from 2006 to 2020 – already at the start of this year. So we know what we are capable of. We are therefore now setting a much more ambitious climate target that we are proud of and that hopefully will inspire other companies to take their responsibility.” comments Per Strömberg, CEO of ICA Gruppen. During the year ICA conducted a study at 26 ICA stores focusing on how customers can be urged to make more climate-conscious choices through so-called green nudging. The result showed that there is potential in how we can use various tools to steer customers toward sustainable choices.