Ica’s goal: To recruit 50 % female merchants

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Today, 18 percent of Sweden’s 1533 Ica retailers are women.

It is not enough, says Ica, and encourages more female store employees to take aim at their career.

In order to widen the recruitment base the ICA retailers’ Association has awarded over 100 leadership scholarship to store employees since 2010.

”Scholarships are our way of encouraging more people to go for a career as Ica retailers. It feels good that we now have a common goal in Ica as it is a long-term project, ”says Fredrik Hägglund, CEO of Ica-retailers’ Association.

The proportion of female ICA retailer has slowly but surely increased from 16.7 to over 18 percent since 2010. In 2014, of 48 new recruited Ica retailers 25 percent were women. Now, Ica has put the common goal of 2020, that half of all newly recruited Ica retailers will be women. The recruitment process by traders to the vacant retail locations are operated by Ica Sweden and requires final approval for membership of the Ica retailers’ Association.

The scholarships of 20 000 SEK per person is a contribution to the one-year Ica internal management training, FLU, a basic requirement for becoming an Ica retailer. So far, over half of the more than 100 fellows have taken the course and from them around 10 are recruited to become Ica retailers.

”When I got the FLU-scholarship in 2010, I felt that now I’m really on the way to becoming an Ica retailer, says Sanna Kumlin, Ica retailer in Edane who receive the key to her own Ica store in June 2014.

Together with Anki Grau, Ica Nära in Söderberga in Stockholm, she gave away scholarships to 17 store employees at the Ica days event in the Stockholm Globe Arena.