Ikea launches interactive 24 hour talk show online

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Ikea trials a new marketing strategy by launching a live 24-hour interview.

In seven episodes stand up-comedian and tv-host Kristoffer Appelquist meet Swedish personalities in a talkshow where viewers can influence the program in real time.

In a specially decorated Ikea bedroom host and guest meet in an inquisitive and honest way. The first episode broadcast on 27 March called Under the cover.

”The bedroom is a place where we are truly ourselves, we wanted to explore what happens when slowing down and letting the talks progress at their own pace. We hope it will lead to unexpected and interesting meetings where the viewers are also invited”, says Patrik Nygren Bonnier, Marketing IKEA Sweden.

The programs start by with Kristoffer Appelqvist meeting Ikeas interior decorator in one of the stores to create an interior design solution tailored for the week’s guest. From Friday 15:00 to Saturday 15:00 Kristoffer guest in the specially decorated IKEA bedroom. This is followed by an episode a week for six weeks. Each guest is revealed two days before the broadcast.

The format is developed based on insights about young people’s interests and new media habits. Viewers can interact through social media and go in and out in 24-hour broadcast that they want.

Under the covers is produced by Ikea Sweden in cooperation with Nyheter24 and the MEC.