Ikea: Ok to build smaller store in Ålesund

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Ikea Norway has now received an approval from IKEA centrally for the land acquisition at Moa in Ålesund. The contract between IKEA and Ålesund municipal property will be signed before New Year.

The store is set be only 20,000 square meters, opening in 2021 – but already in a few weeks a pick up-point will open on the location.

The City Council of Ålesund decided in October 2014 that Ikea could purchase the lot at Moa, with its location along Moavegen north of the shopping center, swimming hall and church.

If everything goes according to plan, the department store at the earliest for completion in 2021, according to Ikea. At the same time, Ikea has set a strategy to look over formats moving into omnichannel, which might change establishment plans in the next years to come.

After New Year opens Ikea a service & pick-up point. Ålesund is selected as one of the first markets to test out the new concept to make it easier for people in Møre og Romsdal to shop online.


”Moa is a junction in Møre og Romsdal, and makes us as available as possible to our customers in the region. For us it is important to be placed well to ensure that customers can use public transport to the warehouse. The fact that Moa is just off the main public transport hub between Bergen and Trondheim will be crucial for people to go by bus instead of a car,” says Pål Walberg, project developer in Ikea Norway.

”This is a Christmas present for both us and our customers at Nordvestlandet, says Pål Walberg.