Ikea starts tv-serie

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Today, Ikea launched its first TV program ever – to share insights from their own surveys on people’s lives in and around the kitchen.
Martina Haag and Mogge Sseruwagi will host the series that will offer ”a mix of exciting and unexpected insights on life in the home”.

Why is it so hard to invite people home? How can we get the kids involved in the kitchen? And how do you really relate to the use-by date? In 15 section explores and guides Martina and Mogge viewers through everyday life with its various concerns and obstacles.

Vad gafflar ni om? is based on world world-wide studies and surveys on people’s lives in and around the kitchen carried out by Ikea for several years.

”At Ikea we are curious about how people live in their homes, so we do a lot of surveys and home visits each year. In the program series, we share our insights on an informative and entertaining way, and give tips on how we can all get a simpler and more enjoyable life at home,” says Patrik Nygren-Bonnier, Marketing Director at Ikea Sweden.

You can see the episodes here.