Ikea targets consumer dreams

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IKEA is investing in a dream project.
The follow up to the previous television series about life at home are shortmovies about beds with three Swedish cultural profiles.

In the campaign Dream Beds, IKEA has partnered with actor Alexandra Rapaport, author Sigge Eklund and artist Silvana Imam to create three short films of three minutes each inspired by dreams.

Alexandra Rapaport, Sigge Eklund and Silvana Imam were all sleeping in a separate new bed from the new range from IKEA.
Their dreams became the basis for the three short films that have been developed in collaboration with director Gustav Johansson previously done both advertising and short films, among others, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Dakota Johnson.

The three films will be shown as full-length versions of both cinema and television.

“We started from a simple idea. Do you sleep well, you can dream up throughout the night. It’s something we want to highlight with this dream films, “says Henrik Birkfeldt, project manager at IKEA.

“One of the absolute most Swedish we have IKEA and that I get to represent a part of the Swedish unit, I as an immigrant and lesbian, it’s my way of showing that there is a Sweden beyond what we have seen on TV,” says Silvana Imam.