Ikea to launch new 24/7-concept in Sweden

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Ikea takes its service and pickup concept to Sweden.
The first mini-Ikea of ​​1,500 square meters opens north of Stockholm this summer – with the ability to pick up packages around the clock.
“We believe in the concept and hope to open in more places,” says Håkan Svedman.

Ikea’s already testing the concept in Finland and Norway – and already has a similar solution in Spain.
The first unit in Sweden opens at Enebyängen trading in Danderyd north of Stockholm.

“We want to get closer to Stockholm customers and this is a great addition to both our stores in Barkaby, and our e-commerce,” says Håkan Svedman, country manager for Ikea Sweden, to Dagens Industri.

There will be a small showroom of 1,500 square meters for about one hundred products where customers can pick up products ordered online. A pick up service for smaller packages is open around the clock.

“I am convinced that the increased accessibility also gives an increase in sales. Hopefully we can have a seasonally adapted range”, says Håkan Svedman.

The communications were decisive in the choice of Enebyängen.

“It is close Roslagsbanan and is conveniently located for both motorists and cyclists. The link to the store in Barkaby is of course also important.” says Håkan Svedman to Dagens Industri.

Today, Ikea also launched a youtube-film marketing the concept in Sweden.