Ikea to open innovation laboratory in Denmark

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Ikea is setting up a unique creative centre, an innovation laboratory called Space10, in Copenhagen.

”We would like to contribute to and benefit experience of the development and atmosphere,” says Göran Nilsson, concept innovation manager at Ikea.

Berlingske Business writes that Ikea has chosen Copenhagen as the epicenter of their new so-called innovation laboratory to be a creative playground for ideas for the future Ikea furniture. The laboratory is Ikea’s first of its kind.

“The project gives us the opportunity to examine even the wildest ideas and find out whether they have the potential to become part of our range. Our ambition is that we should be closer to the people and help to improve and sustain their daily lives, ”  Ikeas’s concept innovation manager, Göran Nilsson, tells Berlingske.

Four creative minds have been hired to stand behind Space10, located in Copenhagen’s creative heart of the meatpacking district, and will be open for the public. Carla Cammilla Hjort from ArtRebels will be Head of the laboratory. The first challenge is how to think health into furniture, and the tenders that have come out of it, can be seen in the laboratory in the Meatpacking District, which is open to all.

A greater part of Ikea’s Head office is located in Malmö, just a few miles from Copenhagen. Why choosing the meatpacking district of Copenhagen, as the epicenter of the future Ikea furniture?

“Copenhagen is an interesting and vibrant city. We would like to contribute to and benefit experience of the development and atmosphere, which is in the Meatpacking District. We want to create a meeting place for people who want to create and explore their ideas. We, as business is challenged by ideas, ” says Göran Nilsson.

Ikea will also open one of its first city centre stores in Copenhagen.