Ikea wants to postpone Lappeenranta project

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Ikea wants more reflection in Lappeenranta before the interior giant decide whether to build a new department store or not.

The agreement with the city of Lappeenranta apply this year. But Ikea Finland does not want to give up the project. Much of the ground work in Mustola is done – but Ikea has not sought a definitive planning permission yet. Now they want to extend the declaration of intent with the city.

”Our plan is to continue the project to continue, but the final investment decision has not been made,” says Ikea property manager in Finland,  Hasse Lillkull to Yle.

Ikea argues that the general economic situation is one of the most important issues relevant to the decision. Otherwise, it is considered that Lappeenranta is a highly attractive location with its large number of students, tourists and holiday homes.