Ikea’s Danish super year gives employees a month’s extra salary

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Ikea exceeds its own expectations in Denmark and lands a record sales growth of eight percent. The five Danish stores and eCommerce go forward on all parameters and delivers the best year in Ikea’s Danish history.

Employees in Denmark will benefit from the success and receive up to a month’s extra salary for Christmas.

”Customer focus, a strong range and solid low prices explains the furniture chain’s success,” says Ikea Denmark’s CEO Dennis Balslev.

The Danish results for the financial year 2015 shows nothing but increase with revenue growth of eight percent, which is twice as much as Ikea expected. Overall, customers bought an average of three percent more than the year before.

Overall, bedrooms and bathrooms delivered more than 40 percent of the total growth in the year.

”We have created a result we are very proud of. It is first and foremost an attractive assortment and an enormous focus on the customer, which makes the difference. We have strengthened our already strong position in the Danish market through a clear strategy and an organization that has the power  to create a better everyday life at home for our many customers,” says Dennis Balslev.

This result means that Ikea pays bonuses to almost all units in Ikea Denmark, most employees receives more than one month’s extra salary. The criteria is that they need at least six months of employment.Dennis-Balslev_IKEA-Danmark

”All employees have delivered a huge effort, and it’s a pleasure to meet dedicated Ikea employees in all stores. Our bonus program is democratic and transparent, and recognizes the efforts our employees provide, while we improve Ikea. With the exception of one entity, all reached their individual objectives and therefore achieve a well deserved bonus,” explains Dennis Balslev.

Ikea Denmark’s turnover was 3.7 billion DKK (3.4 billion) with a visitor increase to 10.8 million. (10.7 million).
Ikea.dk increased even more, 29.3 million. (24.7 million).
Number sold meatballs: 10369385 paragraph.
Number sold hot dogs: 1,522,631 paragraph.

Ikea Denmark’s annual report.