Ilva and IDE sorting out delivery failure

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Danish Ilva and IDE Møbler has experienced severe problems and a social media storm regarding their delivery service. Customers have been waiting for months for their products to be delivered.

Some of the problems are traceable to a new IT-system that was set into operation in May. Despite the products being available in stock, the system has not been able to match them with the customer orders. In practice, wrong delivery time has been communicated and when the delivery was supposed to happen, the system says they are out of stock or give merchants another delivery date, writes TV2.
Michael Christiansen, CEO at IDE Møbler, says the chain has extra service to handle complaints and refunds and those who want their money back will get it. In some cases they have supplied customers with contemporary products, waiting for the real ones ordered.
”We get products delivered every day, but we are not there yet,” he says, but promise that customers placing their order today will get their furniture as planned.