Indiska lacks 48.7 million

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Interior decorating and fashion chain Indiska has 300 creditors and a total loss of 48.7 million.
It appears from a report that taken part of.
The intention is to offer the unsecured creditors a 25-percent abatement.

Indiska Magasinet AB was granted a reorganization at the Stockholm District Court last week and the administrator kent Hägglund hasnow specified the preliminary value of assets and liabilities before the creditors’ meeting in Stockholm District Court next Friday.
The assets are valued in the balance sheet to 73.6 million, while the priority and unsecured debt amounted to 122.3 million SEK.
The lack of the company is thus 48.7 million SEK.
“I believe that Indiska has good prospects ff the range is adapted to a changing audience and company keep only those outlets that provide a clear contribution,” says the lawyer and administrator Kent Hägglund at the law firm DLA Nordic in Stockholm.

296 suppliers have receivables of 23.7 million SEK and the government in turn has a claim on almost 20 million for taxes, fees, VAT, payroll taxes and social security contributions.
These are the unsecured debts that Kent Hägglund would like to write down to 25 percent.

The liabilities to Group companies amounted to SEK 30.5 million.