Indiska only to close Swedish stores

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Indiska will close stores and cut staff as part of the reconstruction.
The first news is that eight Swedish shops will close as early as this spring. However no stores in Norway and Finland are affected in the first position.

There is a total of 101 Indiska stores. In Norway, there are 15 stores, Finland has 8 stores and one is opened in Germany. In addition, there is a franchise store in Iceland.

The administrator and lawyer Kent Hägglund at DLA Nordic thinks there are good opportunities for Indiska to avoid bankruptcy and survive. To he says he will contact the company’s suppliers at the end of the week. But how much debt that needs to be written down is unclear.

The workforce will be reduced in both the stores and at head office.
The negotiations with the union began yesterday.

The management has already defined stores that need to be closed. According to Dagens Handel, eight Swedish stores shuts down in the spring. The operations in Norway and Finland will also be affected, but for the moment not by store closures.

Which stores that are concerned Indiska will not comment.