Indiska recruits external CEO

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Fashion and interior decorating chain Indiska takes in an external CEO.
Current president, Sofie Gunolf, takes a step back to become manager for purchasing and production.
“The company has huge potential and I am glad of the opportunity and confidence to work with Sofie and the rest of the founding family to develop Indiska,” says David Rönnberg.

The family company Indiska – with 700 employees and 100 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Iceland, and e-commerce – has appointed David Rönnberg as new CEO.

According to the Indiska Board it opens up for continuity of leadership and shows the owners’ strong commitment to the company.

“The digital transition occurs rapidly, and an increased presence on digital channels is crucial for competitiveness and growth as well as ongoing continuing to sharpen the customer offering. To ensure the continued expansion and tougher demands from customers we’ve chosen to bring in a new CEO with authentic experiences from the expansion, alteration and digital conversion,” says Patrik Tillman, chairman of Indiska.

He adds that the Board of Directors and David Rönnberg share values ​​and have the same view on the business challenges and Indiska’s market opportunities ahead.

“Indiska is a very exciting company with a strong brand and its own position in the fashion and interior design market,” said David Rönnberg.

He’s formerly been the Nordic Managing Director at EQT-owned Internet stores, including CEO of Addnature and Bike Rochester. He is also Chairman of Sellton and STAPP, and a Board member of Plackers Scandinavia AB.