Intersport Denmark’s profit turned to a 7,4 million loss

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Sports chain Intersport, with 84 stores across Denmark, comes out of 2013 with a loss of 7.4 million DKK compared to a profit of 1.3 million the year before.
In particular, the acquisition of five stores from bankrupt Sport on Top on north Jylland, is drawing down the result.
The red numbers on the bottom line at Intersport Denmark A / S also includes an operating loss in subsidiary Intersport Retail. The independent activities of Intersport Denmark A / S have given a surplus of 2.4 million.
”Intersport Danmark A / S chose to drive 5 stores further from the bankrupt Sport On Top from a purely commercial point of view, as there is a great potential in these and in order to maintain the nationwide distribution”, Intersport says in a statement.
The management expects that the future is going in the right direction and therefore budgets a small deficit this year, a profit before tax of DKK 2 million in 2015 and finally a surplus of 4.7 million in 2016.