Irma-director leaves his position

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After almost four years as chain director of Irma, Jesper Uggerhøj has chosen to leave his position. April 1 he takes the position as Managing Director of Kopenhagen Fur.

“Irma is in my opinion Denmark’s best supermarket chain. It has been a great pleasure to develop Irma along with talented and dedicated employees, “says Jesper Uggerhøj.

Group CEO of Coop, Gregers Wedell-Wedellsborg, takes over responsibility for Irma while in the process of finding a replacement for Jesper Uggerhøj.

“It is unfortunate that Jesper leave Irma and Coop middle of this exciting period, but you can and should not keep talented leaders from developing their potential and dreams. I give Jesper my congratulations on his new challenges and appreciate some good years together, “says CEO Peter Høgsted.