Iso Omena to reach 100,000 sqm leasable area 2018

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The new transportation hub makes Helsinki’s Iso Omena reach new heights.

The Citycon shopping center will grow and have almost 100,000 square meters leasable area and more than 200 stores and other services by 2018.

The first phase of Iso Omena’s extensive extension will be completed in August 2016. The final metro station of the first phase of the Länsimetro (western metro line) and the bus terminal for connecting traffic will be fully integrated and located underneath the shopping centre.

”Iso Omena has an excellent location: it is a multifunctional centre with shopping, healthcare, education and other municipal services integrated with a strong public transportation hub. The new transportation hub with the new metro station and bus terminal will generate 35,000 potential customers per day. This makes Iso Omena a natural destination for international brands coming to Finland as well keeping its position as the true heart of the local community,” states Citycon CEO Marcel Kokkeel.

Citycon and NCC Property Development are constructing the first phase of the Iso Omena extension in a joint venture. Länsimetro is constructing the connecting bus terminal and the commuter parking facilities.

NCC has also launched an off-plan marketing campaign for a residential tower, located immediately adjacent to the shopping centre and its many services.

“The shopping centre extension project and Matinkylä Metro Centre are some of the most significant construction projects currently underway in Finland. ” says NCC Property Development CEO Mika Soini.

Juke Mäkelä, Mayor of Espoo says Länsimetro is the largest investment made in Espoo and the Matinkylä metro station plays a significant role for winning back the skill- and knowledge-intense businesses and jobs that Finland has lost.

“By investing approximately 250 million EUR in the Iso Omena expansion project, Citycon demonstrates that it is committed to invest in best in class properties in growing urban areas in Finland,” says Marcel Kokkeel.

The Iso Omena extension also includes Finnkino’s new movie theater  in the heart of the shopping center opening in the second phase 2017. The new and contemporary cinema center will have a total of seven cinema halls and a total of 925 seats.

“The new and much more extensive Finnkino cinema ideal complement to the renewed Iso Omena supply. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to experience and enjoy Finnkino cinema together with the shopping center’s new restaurant in the world with a strong service package, which is unique in its diversity,” Citycon’s Chief Commercial Officer Sanna Yliniemi says.