Jensens beats Jensen

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It’s not allowed to call yourself Jensen, even if that is your name.

Jensens Bøfhus won the case against Jensens Fiskrestaurant

Jensen is a well-known surname in Denmarl. But you can no longer just use the name “Jensen” in your business. Danish Supreme Court go against previous judgments giving Jensen Fiskrestaurant right in a fight that started 2002..

That is when Palle Skov Jensen, the owner of Jensen’s Steakhouse, contacted Jensen’s Seafood Restaurant’s owner Jacob Jensen, and argued that Jensen’s Steakhouse and Jensen’s Seafood Restaurant could be mistaken for each other, and that the name “Jensens fiskrestaurant” ‘was an exercise of Jensen Bøfhus character and reputation.

The Supreme Court came to that “Jensen’s sign used for catering services and sale of food products is distinctive to obtain protection under trademark law, ‘and that’ Jensen ‘must be considered well known in Denmark. Therefore exploits Jacob Jensen the steakhouse’s trademark by marketing itself as “Jensen’s Fish Restaurant” in the same industry – restaurant industry.

“I am shocked by the verdict. I freely admit that it is quite surreal for me. I have spent an enormous amount of energy and time on the case. I can only be sorry that I have not been baptized Knudsen and Sorensen”, he said.

Jacob Jensen must pay a fee of 200,000 DKK. He expects his total costs amount to 600.000 to 700.000 kroner.

“As we for more than 20 years has spent millions on marketing. We do not believe that other restaurants should be able to benefit on the goodwill we have built”, press chief of Jensen’s Steakhouse, Jens Arnborg Lund, said