Jewelery stores join forces against Pandora

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Pandora’s increasingly strong position has forced a new collaboration of competitive jewelery stores.
33 Danish jewelery stores join forces in purchasing chain Jewel Time.
According to the chairman of the Danish Jewel Time, Bent Brodersen, it is to meet the competition from retail.

“We hope to gain market shares through strong cooperation with suppliers, joint marketing and other innovations,” says Bent Brodersen.

He tells Børsen that it is not an indication towards the suppliers, but that Pandora with the strength of its market position have set increasingly unfavorable terms, and moreover, like some vendors, open concept stores that compete.

“It is true that there is an imbalance in the market, but the purchasing cooperation is because the entire industry needs a boost. It is bad profiled on retail markets today. We also see that shops have difficulties getting their everyday work with marketing and purchases. ”

Now he´s trying to gather independent stores of a certain size and counts with 70-80 members in the coming years. The stores sign for a three year membership.

The association was founded on June 30 and has 33 members today, spread evenly throughout Denmark – 17 in Jutland, 14 on Zealand and two in Funen.