Jula awarded for introducing PLM to retail

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Last week Jula was award for its logistics efforts. Now the company has been praised again – with “Technia Innovator of the Year”. This time for an innovative PLM project.

“We are way up and is a leader in logistics and PLM and that gives us a decisive edge in our markets,” says Joachim Frykberg, CEO of Jula AB.


The prize was awarded to Jula during the “PLM Innovation Forum 2015” at Fotografiska in Stockholm on 24 September.
PLM stands for “Product Lifecycle Management” and is a way to manage a product and information about the product throughout its life cycle, from concept to after sales.

“We are now entering a new phase. Traditionally, PLM is something that the industry use to keep track of all information about the product and all processes. It is exactly the same reason, why we now start with this. We have taken the PLM to the retail world, which is unique and that is why we won the award, simply because we think in a new way,” says Magnus Sigurdsson, Director of Business Development at Jula.