Jula invests in Skövde along with Willys

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Jula is coming home. A new store will be built together with Willys at Stallsiken in Skövde, the closest city to head office location in Skara.

Jula Group-owned G & K Blanks Properties AB has started construction of the first phase in the trade area Stallsiken in Skövde.
Discount chain Willys becomes one of the tenants along with Jula.
”The last ten years Skövde have developed as marketing center. Today, many people travel to Skaraborg’s largest city for shopping. I think it’s good to invest in our home in Skaraborg”, says Karl-Johan Blank, owner and CEO of Jula and owner of G & K Blanks AB.

The first phase, which is now being built is a property of about 10 000 square meters, which is directly adjacent to other retail outlets with a good location along highway 26 The first stores will open in late 2015, but Jula has already planned for the future.
”The plans for phase two is already underway and if all goes according to plan it can be finished with a six month shift for spring 2016.
”To now go into Skövde feels amazing, we create additional trade with three strong brands at Stallsiken”, says Johan Carlberg, president of G & K Blanks AB.
Willys and one more major player will be in phase one.
”I have had my eye on the plot of Skövde for long. That we got permission for a foodstore was critical for us to go on”, says Karl-Johan Blank.
”Stallsiken has, in just a few years, established itself and become a very strong trade area. Skaraborg is Jula’s home and it feels great that we now have two stores in the region”, says Joachim Frykberg, MD Jula AB.