Jula to reach 80 stores

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Julia is passing another milestone with its 80th department store opening in Vinterbro, Ås.

”We would probably not even have dreamed of this when we opened the first Julastore in Skara 1985,” says Karl-Johan Blank, Jula’s owner and CEO .

The department store is the 26 th of Norway.
”We have had a clear and successful expansion strategy in recent years that has given national coverage in both Sweden and Norway,” says Karl-Johan Blank.

”Developments in Norway has been fantastic. The Norwegians has really pressed Jula to their chest”

The Vinterbro department store is located in the Oslo area, in Ås municipality with a large and populous catchment in Norwegian Østfold. The department store has a good location where the E6 and E18 meet.

”We see a great demand in the Oslo area and there is potential for more stores. We already have stores in Lørenskog and Sandvika. Now we supplement with a very good location in Vinterbro where we will meet the customer with a brand new department store and Jula’s new concept, says Joachim Frykberg, CEO of Jula AB.

Nearest neighbors are Plantasjen, Coop Obs Bygg and Möberlringen.