Jysk reached all time high

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Jysk’s turnover and number of stores have risen steadily.

The latest financial year, the turnover growth was 6.3 percent reaching 2.9 billion EUR.

”We are far from finished”, says owner Lars Larsen.

Jysk Group, owned by Lars Larsen, achieved a turnover of 2.9 billion EUR in 2014/15 (EBIT-result 414 million EUR) which was at an all time high concerning both turnover and earnings.

EBIT-result was 17 million EUR better than the result for 2013/14.

”The long term goal has always been to make Jysk a bigger and more profitable company. The increase in turnover and earnings shows that we have done well and set new landmarks in the development of Jysk Group. However, we are far from finished. We will continue to open new Jysk stores around the world, and at the same time we will strengthen and expand our online operations, so we have online sales in all of the countries where Jysk has stores,” says Lars Larsen.


Jysk Group consists of Jysk Nordic, Jysk Franchise and Dänisches Bettenlager, and has more than 2,300 stores in 41 countries and 20,000 employees.


”I am also happy to say that the majority of the profit will be reinvested in the company. Jysk will spend more than 130 million EUR in warehouses in Germany, Denmark and Bulgaria in order to keep up with demand. The expansion of the warehouse in Uldum in Denmark will once again make it the biggest and most modern warehouse in Northern Europe,” says Lars Larsen.