K-Citymarket to open bicycle pop-up stores

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Three K-citymarkets open bicycle pop-up stores in cooperation with the Suomen Polkupyörätukun .

The service is a new type of Finland. Customers at K-citymarket hypermarkets will be able to enjoy a wide array and a number of different bicycle types. Pop-ups in Karisma Lahti, Seinäjoki and Oulu Joupissa Kaakkuri  will be open during the season from March to the end of September and provided with an expert on the spot, five days a week to serve its customers in all matters related to cycling.

”The pop-up stores aim is to bring a special selection of the the wide cycling specialty retail to the K-citymarket customers.” says Kesko in a press release.

The pop-ups will also have a selection of wheels and related accessories for cycling supplies. The most common accessories are locks and lights, as well as biking helmets.