K-Rauta’s first Express-store ready to open

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On Friday, K-Rauta opens its first store with the new express concept in central Helsinki.
The shop in the Forum will, among other things, assist customers with planning renovations – and be a delivery point for Click and Collect.

The 500-square-meter new store is neighboring with Intersport, on the middle of the Forum on street level

The store concept has focused the product range on furnishings and furnishing products, paint and tools. The need for smaller iron products is also be met, as bolts and nuts can be purchased in small quantities.

K-rauta Express customer may also book meetings, agree on a home visit – or arrange everything in a single visit.

“This means kitchen or bathroom renovation design services and transport of the products delivered to your door. Express e-commerce works in conjunction with the foundation of the store. When you buy a product online you can retrieve it the next day at the Express store, “says K-rauta chain leader Virpi Viinikainen.

The concept will first be tested with 1-3 stores in the Greater Helsinki area. Express stores will be run by K-rauta retailers and operate as branches of actual K-rauta stores.