Kavat opens factory brand store with Blankens, Italigente and Oscar Jacobson

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Quality shoe manufacturer Kavat wants to go international.

Now it gathers its product concepts under one store roof at their premises in Kumla, providing a showroom and store-in-store concepts ready for other shoe stores

”We take sustainability on footwear a step further and collect our entire range in a fantastic shoe store that is unparalleled in Sweden,” says CEO Magnus Ericson.

KAVAT Store 1

August 29 opens a ”temple” for shoe lovers with Kavat shoes, but there are also women’s shoes from Blankens, handmade men’s shoes from Italigente, and license made shoes under Oscar Jacobson brand. The idea is to be place where you can buy organic children’s shoes, locally produced adult leather shoes from Tärnsjö, handmade men’s shoes and women’s shoes from Italy. But also a place where you get outstanding service and information about the shoes, care instructions and inspiration for fashion conscious and more sustainable consumption.


CEO Magnus Ericson sees the new venture on its conceptual interior design, as an important part of the work to become an international brand.

”The shop in Kumla will serve as a showroom for our catalog. The idea is that parts of the concepts can easily be transferred to other shoe and fashion stores,” says CEO Magnus Ericson.

The brand has found inspiration for the store in Belgium and together with Olle Ekberg Re-create in Malmö developed a new kind of shoe shop with different departments in an inspiring environment. In the shop there is also a lounge with an opportunity to sit down for a while in a pleasant relaxed environment. There are also planned various customer events during the year.

”With the new store, we hope to create a given destination for conscious shoe consumers throughout the region,” says Haris Fazlic, vice president and project manager of the store in Kumla.

KAVAT Store 3

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