Kesko to put their loyalty card in smartphone

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Kesko now launches the K-Plussa card app for smartphones.

But iPhone-owners will have to wait.

To use it in Kesko’s stores, the function requires that the customer has a valid K-Plussa card or bank debit card with K-Plussa features – and a an NFC-enabled Android phone with OS version 4.4 or higher.

Kesko says a Windows Mobile version is coming up in the spring, and for iOS the system development is still in the study phase. TheAndroid application is a beta version, which continues to develop.

Mobile card is a convenient alternative to loyalty card alongside and to facilitate shopping at K-stores.

”K-Plussa took NFC technology in operation with readable loyalty cards in the beginning of 2012. Since then, all new K-Plussa cash cards have been close-reading technology enabling cards. Using NFC technology, the K-Plussa card for mobile is a new development step in our efforts to facilitate our customers’ everyday life and the use of loyalty program benefits,” says K-Plus Oy’s Executive Vice President Tapio Näveri.

The K-Group stores allows for close-readable introduction of the K-Plussa card in a mobile in almost all K-stores and Anttila department stores.