Kiwi and Meny in ”Buy Danish”-campaign

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Norwegian chains Kiwi and Meny wants their Danish consumers to buy Danish, as Dagrofa launches first step of a concept for Danish food producers.

In order to promote the supply and development of Danish manufacturers Dagrofa is launching the “Select Danish” concept in 630 stores launching Dagrofa from the beginning of September.

The first step in the campaign is that Dagrofa sends 50 øre in return to producers when consumers buy 20 specially marked, popular Danish foods including pork, poultry, milk, fruits and vegetables.

The price of the “Select Danish” marked goods remain unchanged for consumers, since the repayment to the Danish producers is financed by Dagrofa.

“Our chains have a lot of Danish products on the shelves and as a grocery group, we want to support the Danish agriculture and local producers. We do this by providing consumers with a clear choice. If you like, you can choose to back up the Danish producers and help us to send money back to them. We make no representations that we save Danish agriculture or jobs here and now, but we are sending a clear signal and hope to create even more focus on the good Danish goods, ” says Per Thau, CEO of Dagrofa.

The campaign is available in 630 stores in the chains Kiwi, Meny, Spar and Min Købmand and runs until New Year.

“We have worked with initiatives that aim to promote Danish food manufacturers – for the benefit of both customers and the industry. It’s about focusing on food experiences, health and ecology, “says Per Thau.