KIWI launches big size discount-format

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KIWI is ready to scale up the size of the stores in Denmark.

This week the first larger discount store opens in Randers, as a SuperBest store is converted to KIWI.

KIWI is about to open discount stores with 5000 products. The first one is launched in Randers this week – a converted SuperBest-store.

”We’ve modernized a lot of our stores this year with a new concept that will top the market when it comes to assortment and sales area”, Chain Director Carsten Hansen tells

The first new discount concept store will include a bakery, postal office and a large wine department.

The rollout of the concept is a part of the Group strategy from Dagrofa where new owner Norgesgruppen will replace SuperBest and EuroSpar-stores, mainly with the Meny-concept.

”We want to expand with both normal and well-known discount stores and larger units. The consumers attitude towards discount is changing”, Carsten Hansen says.