Kiwi makes Kiwi+ official

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Danish KIWI is now rolling out the extra large discount stores.

The offensive kicks off with the launch of the name KIWI + and with the opening of the fifth bigger store, this time in Frederikshavn.

On 19 March opens discount chain KIWI a plus-sized store. It is the official launch of the new KIWI + concept where both the sales area, shelf space and product range far surpasses an ordinary discount store. This time in Frederikshavn, where the opening also marks the official naming of big-discount concept, as henceforth will be called KIWI +.

“Ever since we opened the first pilot stores in our new big-discount concept in 2014, we’ve tested an ocean of ​​things. Some have been taken out again, while others, such as The shop-in-shop Guldbageren bakery, has been part of the concept. Now we take the next step in the rollout of our high-discount concept. Including the introduction of the name KIWI + for the big stores, which now complements the general KIWI’s with a new type of discount, which is much more of everything good you know from KIWI, “says Carsten Hansen, chain director of KIWI.

The new KIWI + store in Frederikshavn will be the first to receive the new logo and name on the facade.

The store offers 1,300 square meters of sales space with discount retailing’s largest assortment. This makes it Frederikshavn’s largest discount store.

“With the location in Hånbæk center we get a completely optimal location and building for KIWI +. The framework can both house our wide product range and create a good shopping experience for customers. And it follows 35-40 new local jobs to Frederikshavn with our store, “says Carsten Hansen.