Komplett to challenge Swedish appliances market

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Komplett entries the appliances market in Sweden with free home deliveries.

”We have extensive experience in sales of appliances in Norway. We have done a lot of research into what is important to customers when purchasing these products. It should be easy to choose the right product and the delivery plays a major role in the purchase,” says Lene Iren Oen, commercial director at Komplett.

Surveys carried by Komplett show that the purchase of appliances occurs when the old is broken, when establishing or moving. The fact that many products are both big and heavy is taken into account with offer of free home delivery.

”Many consumers find it difficult to orient themselves in the large selection available and not least understand all the technical terms that are communicated. We are keen to help the customer choose the right product and has developed our own “home appliance voters” where the customer can easily get a recommendation along the needs he or she has. Simply said, “show us your laundry basket and we tell the washing machine you need. The purchase process should be trouble-free,” says Lene Iren Oen.