Lager 157 to close down in Sågmyra

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Lager 157 closes its store in Sågmyra outside Falun.
”Sågmyra has not kept pace, says Jonas Ivarsson, head of marketing at Lager 157 to Dalarna Tidningar.

During the Monday morning an information meeting was held for the staff in Lager 157’s shop in Sågmyra which opened in 2006 and was the starting point for an outlet in the old wool factory.

But it has been increasingly tough in recent years and with the establishment at Kupolen in Borlänge, customers have got option.
Kupolen became the choice of which of the stores in Dalarna the company would invest in.

“Our hope was, of course, to be such a strong player as possible on both sites, but it has not really been that way,” replies Jonas Ivarsson.

The neighbor Bubbleroom think it is good that Lager 157 disappears.

“Lager 157 was the start of the construction of Sågmyra Outlet and they did it well, but in recent years they have lost it, now they have hardly any brand clothes longer,” says Kimmy Dalbjer who runs the shop Bubbleroom.

“There are many entrepreneurs who want in and I know several who are already interested, says Kimmy Dalbjer to Dalarna Tidningar.

Last year, also the store Claimer left the premises in Sågmyra and moved into Falun.