Lakkapää in administration sold to XL Bygg

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Lakkapää buildingware stores lives on in Sweden – converted to XL Bygg.
XL Bygg Stenvalls takes over both premises and bearings.

“We want to offer our customers good and accessible facilities with a wide selection of products in stock and knowledgeable staff in place. In the acquisition, we also see opportunities to further refine and expand our business, for example in areas such as home decoration products, “says Mikael Hjorth, CEO of XL Bygg Stenvalls AB.

Stenvalls Trä AB with its subsidiaries owns five sawmills in the county and eight home improvement stores in Norrbotten and Västerbotten. Now they take on former Lakkapää’s units in Luleå, Gällivare and Kiruna.
Lakkapää went bankrupt earlier in Sweden and requested reconstruction on the other side of the Baltic sea to rescue its Finnish operations.

In Gällivare, Anders Apelqvist, former co-owner of a Woody-store, becomes CEO of XL Bygg.

“Woody will disappear, we changed the chainname before Lakkapää went bankrupt. But then it became the perfect premises because they are suitable for building materials, so we bought the assets and liabilities and the warehouse, “says Anders Apelqvist to the newspaper Norrländska Social Demokraten.

In early June, opens XL Bygg in Gällivare, with an initial sell-off. Colorama, which has been in Woody’s premises, comes along

“We jumped off Woody because XL is more localized up here. It is easier to have the major brands as customers because XL Bygg is available in almost all towns, “says Anders Apelqvist.