Lars Appelqvist new chairman of Swedish Food Federation

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Lars Appelqvist, CEO of Löfbergs since 2008, will become the new chairman of the Swedish Food Federation. He succeeds Göran Holm, who served in the post for six years.

Lars Appelqvist has worked at Löfbergs since 1998 and held a variety of positions such as director of logistics and sales.

”Lars brings both renewal and continuity. He has been a highly regarded vice chairman for two years and it feels completely natural, and as a good development that he is now stepping in as president of the Food Federation. Lars has extensive experience in the food industry and has a strong commitment to sustainability issues and how to operate modern and successful food companies in Sweden,” says Marie Söderqvist CEO of Livsmedelsföretagen

”I think it will be exciting to continue to drive development forward  focusing on sustainability, exports and innovation to increase the competitiveness of the industry,” says Lars Appelqvist.