Lidl-milk changes name

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Bosse Elfgren turns 60 next week.
He won’t be unnoticed.
Lidl has made him the face of their latest campaign against prejudices by naming their milk to “Bosse’s milk” after a Facebook-note. However, the campaign was not a surprise to him.

Bosse Elfgren is said to have made a post on Facebook where he wondered “why he would buy a German milk?”. Lidl decided to pick up the note,  answering Lidl’s milk labeled Ängens is as Swedish milk from Arla and gave the tiny post a giant campaign that’s been running as tv-commercial for a while. Now the milk has been be re-branded to ”Bosse’s milk” as promised in the ad. All milk cartons across the country was reprinted. In addition to the new name is also a humorous text that explains the origin of the milk.

”We figured that if we could convince Bosse, we were able to convince many more. So when we found his posts we decided to build the campaign around this. The name change of the milk was just the first step”, says Caroline Forsshell, Marketing Manager at Lidl Sweden.

The campaign lasted nearly three weeks with a television advertising also directed to Bosse, and nationwide full-page ads and outdoor advertising. Finally an airplane flew with a banner behind back and forth outside Bosse’s window on Lidingö. The banner was the text: Bosse! We sure have Swedish milk!
”I was almost shocked when I realized what was happening. Now everyone seems to talk about me, to get a milk named after me is just fun”, says Bosse Elfgren, the protagonist in the campaign, in Lidl’s press announcement.
Bosse Elfgren is real, he lives on Lidingö and he turns 60 next week. However the whole campaign was a surprise to him or not is not sure. Lidl tricked everybody, including media, with the pop-up restaurant Dill.
Resumé has spoken to Bosse Elfgren who says Lidl’s advertising agency contacted him after the Facebook note, so the campaign did not come as a surprise but were bigger than he expected.
”I got well paid”, Bosse Elfgren says.