Lidl more attractive for summer jobs

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Lidl becomes more attractive for summer vacation employment in Finland. The number of applicants is increasing year by year.

This year, about 30 000 applications reached Lidl Finland. 

Lidl summer jobs to about 20 000 applications were sent this spring. In addition, the retail sector and PAM in a two-week-long look at the world of work and Earn program applied for Lidl about 10 000 young people. The number grew exponentially last year, when a look and get paid applications had Lidl around 4000.

“This year we had a vacancy notices only on our own website. Since every application sent in is actually filed for Lidl’s recruitment pages, we can be sure that each applicant is really interested in Lidl as an employer, “says recruiting Manager Jonna Jansson who is pleased that Lidl is an attractive employer.

The previous year’s summer jobs was open for 650 applicants, and this year about a thousand, at 144 Lidl stores and two distribution centers. In addition, about 20 employees gets to work in Lidl’s head office during the summer.

Jansson estimates that the growth of Lidl’s popularity as an employer is due to good practice and reputation that has spread mouth to mouth. And several workers seeks employment in Lidl in following summers .

“There is a mutual benefit if the employee wishes to return next summer for us. We also want to provide continuity. Multi summer employees are also available part-time in the autumn, when they start their studies, “Jansson says.