Lidl ready to launch contactless mobile payments

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Lidl was the first Danish supermarket chain to introduce contactless payments.

Now it takes technology one step further and offers contactless Swipp-payments from smartphones in all their stores.

” We see this as a game-changer for mobile payment, for now it does not get easier for shops and traders to introduce payment by mobile phone. With this solution shops just need to put a new chip in their existing payment terminals, they are ready for mobile payments,” says Peter Bredgaard, commercial manager at Swipp.

The payment option is currently being tested in two Lidl stores before all stores will offer it in May. Swipp and Verifone launched their cooperation last year and this is a continuing of Verifone’s POS system at Lidl where contactless payments is already offered.

”Technically, we are quite satisfied. It is a quick and efficient method of payment, as we look forward to offering our customers. We can see that Swipp plays well with Verifone in two shops where we test the solution. This is a clear advantage that we can easily integrate it into our existing POS system, and that we do not need to buy new units to our stores,” says the CIO of Lidl, Matthias Rüdinger.

Technically the communication between phone and store terminal uses standard Bluetooth Low Energy. Customers must simply hold the phone close to the payment terminal and swipe once to accept the amount on the phone display. Over 50 percent, about 30,0000, of Denmark’s payment terminals are from Verifone, and these terminals can accept payments from Swipp after a small upgrade.

“If we look at the cost per cash register line, we are at a fraction of what competitors can offer, and also the payment per transaction is significantly lower, said Martin F. Andersen at Swipp when the trial was launched last year.

Swipp users can accept a purchase of up to 25,000 DKK.

Swipp is a joint venture between Nordea Bank Denmark, Nykredit Bank, Sydbank, Jyske Bank, Workers’ Land Bank, Spar Nord Bank and members of Local Banks. In total, more than 70 banks across the country stands behind Swipp and customers of these banks can use Swipp.