Lidl sets new Swedish record

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Lidl is accelerating in Sweden – the third profitable year in a row was also the best with a 43 million result and 11 percent growth.

”We increase sales most of all actors on the market and continues to gain market share. It shows that our customers appreciate what we have to offer”, says Conor Boyle, CEO Lidl Sweden.

Swedish Lidl’s results for 2014 are now official. For the third consecutive year Lidl is making a profit. Earnings in 2014 were 43 million SEK compared with 9 million in 2013. Sales increased by 11 percent to  7.9 billion SEK (net).

”Lidl making profits for the third consecutive year is proof that we succeed in providing a range of high quality at a low price. But we will not stop, will continue to be the smart customer’s first choice for the purchase of consumer goods,” says Conor Boyle, CEO Lidl Sweden.

Lidl’s sales increase last year by 11 percent, is the largest %-growth in the market and Lidl is continuing to take market share. The increase is due mainly to increased sales in existing stores.

”In the coming years we will continue to increase the number of stores and employees. We will also continue to invest in climate-friendly shops and the focus on Swedish organic products continues Conor Boyle.

Four new stores (Ljusdal, Ljungby and Malmo-Erikslust and Stockholm Rinkeby) was opened in 2014 and all the standard stores have been remodeled and modernized.

Lidl plans to open 10-15 new stores in Sweden over the next three years.