Lidl to invest € 100 million in Finland this year

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Lidl is critical to “old-fashioned” Finnish building regulations. But doubles its investments this year.
“Lidl’s investing 100 million euros in Finland this year”, said the CEO of Lidl Finland, Lauri Sipponen, Wednesday, as the new store in Lappenranta opened.

So far its 142 stores opened this year, as the Lappenrantaa store opened yesterday.
“We are looking for suitable store locations, particularly in growthcenters, such as the Helsinki metropolitan area and Tampere, Turku, Jyväskylä and Oulu regions”, he told Taloussanomat and mentions ten new stores,
“We get almost daily inquiries from all over Finland. And our goal is to come to where our customers want us if the business case is in favor”, Sipponen said in the announcement.
But he also believes Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa is getting crowded already.
In addition to the new stores Lidl is also investing in an update of its existing store network.
“We try to in every way to give our customers a comfortable shopping. During 2014 we will totally make investments of approximately 100 million euros,” the chain CEO confirms.
Sipponen also criticized the grocery store building regulations and calls it useless and old-fashioned.Almos all of 142 stores needs 500 square meters more.
“Unfortunately, the restrictive 2000-square meter limit is still a great disadvantage for various food trade and service level, but we believe and hope for such an old artificial barrier to end as soon as the law changes. The grocery store has changed and the change will continue in the market to get competitive concepts”, he tells Talouselämä.