Lidl to move head office and concept store to Barkarbystaden

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Lidl Sweden moves its headquarters and 200 employees to new premises in Barkarbystaden.
It is the first large office establishment in the growing area in Järfälla west of Stockholm.

Barkarbystaden will be built for sustainable living and working in varied buildings of urban character, where the new public transport is utilized. With the completion of the new metro, Mälarbanan and Förbifart Stockholm, this creates one of the Stockholm region’s most interesting locations.

”It is gratifying that Lidl Sweden chooses to establish its headquarters in Barkarbystaden. This means that Järfälla, as one of Sweden’s most expansive municipalities for housing, will get more jobs,” said Mayor Claes Thunblad (S) in a statement.

Järfälla and Lidl Sweden had a dialogue during the autumn which has resulted in a framework agreement to regulate the principles of development of the company’s new headquarters and its concept store in Barkarbystaden.

Lidl Sweden has a strong environmental profile for the planning of its new headquarters. The district will be environmentally certified, and both employees and customers can recharge their electric cars in the area.

”The search for a suitable area for our new headquarters led us to Barkarbystaden. It is an area with exciting opportunities and infrastructure projects that are underway which suits us fine. We look forward to continue working to further develop the project to a complete headquarters,” says Johan Augustsson, Property Director at Lidl Sweden.

The idea is that Lidl Sweden will move into its new premises in late 2018th.

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