Lime-brothers path to suspected trafficking

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The shelves are still filled with goods. But the stores are closed and Lime is a non-existent grocery chain today.

Last week the youngest brother of the two owners was also arrested for threatening victims and witnesses in the trafficking case.

On the road to Limethe two brothers were involved in thefts, prostitution, extensive shrinkage and several cases of illegal labor, writes Aftenposten.

But on the morning the 9th September 2014 hundreds of police officers gathered for a giant razzia in Oslo, Bærum and central Romerike where the Lime-chain has expanded.

This day the big brother and his mother and father was arrested. Later also the family’s youngest son and brothers little sister arrested. And at last the second brother.

Aftenposten reveals the  brothers way from talented shop drivers, via selling stolen cigarettes and leasing for pimping, to an increasingly emerging role as exploiters of legal immigrants from Nepal and Pakistan. How Norgesgruppen got suspicious how they were handling four Spar- and Joker stores and demanded to take over the accounting to find high shrinkage and extremely low labour costs. In 2010 a Nepalese couple was revealed working in the store with only daily meals as payment.

The youngest brother (32) spoke with Aftenposten two weeks ago. He expressed that the whole affair was a plot against the family. He suggested that Norgesgruppen was behind because they feared competition. The victims spoke false and were only motivated by obtaining a residence permit.