Lime-employee won in court

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An Iranian woman who came to Norway, fought hard to get a job and sought out many potential employers.
She got to talk with Lime, who took advantage of her vulnerability.
According to the Oslo City Court the scandal chain acted so she got rid of her parenthood money, got too little in wages, was forced to sick leave and got dismissed via a text message.

In the spring of 2013, she reunited with her family in Norway and went as a newly arrived immigrant on a tour with her CV to introduce herself. Aftenposten tells the story of one of the witnesses in a separate trial against the owners of Lime chain.
According to the contract she get a monthly salary of 15,000 NOK, but after three months worked in a number of stores she only got 10,000 NOK.
When she expressed her dissatisfaction, she received a text message by phone “Find another job” from Lime chief Saijad Hussein.
She was settled yet with Hussein and continued working in the chain. But when she became pregnant, her employer got angry with her. Towards the end of the pregnancy, she had to go for a 50 percent sick leave and discovered that Hussein had told the Social Insurance that she got fired – and therefore would not be entitled to compensation.

She had, on the advice of her husband, made sure to join the union before and got legal help. Now she has won the case in the Oslo District Court. The employer chose not to appear in court.

Formally, the Grønland Dagligvarer was her employer. The shop in Grønland is now current in another track in Lime scandal with links to a family that is central to the roll up of a large hashish network in Oslo. Police suspect, according to Aftenposten, the store has been used for money laundry.

At the same time, she is not alone with this experience.
“I know of three persons residing without authorization which received below 10,000 NOK per month and worked very long shifts. They never did check out work and were instructed to say that they did not work there if someone were to ask, ” the woman tells Aftenposten.