Lindex lifts Stockmann’s June sales

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Stockmann Group’s sales in June 2015 were down by 1.6 per cent on the previous year at comparable exchange rates.

Fashion category sales were up, but the closing of Stockmann beauty stores in May and withdrawing from the electronics product category affected the numbers.

Stockmann Retail’s sales were down by 8.4 per cent at comparable exchange rates. Due to the weak Russian rouble, euro-denominated sales were down by 13.7 per cent.

In Finland, sales were down by 6.0 per cent. Stockmann says the decline was partly due to withdrawing from the own electronics product category and closing the Stockmann Beauty stores by the end of May. Sales in the fashion product category were up on the previous year, despite lower merchandise volume in the summer sale.

In international operations, sales were down by 14.0 per cent at comparable exchange rates. In the Baltic countries, the summer sale was started a week later than in 2014, which had a negative effect on the sales. Euro-denominated sales were down by 28.5 per cent due to the weak rouble.

Lindex’s sales were up by 6.6 per cent at comparable exchange rates. Comparable sales were up in all countries. Euro-denominated sales were up by 3.4 per cent.

The Group’s sales figures include merchandise sales exclusive VAT in Stockmann Retail’s and Fashion Chains’ stores. The figure does not include other operating income such as rental income or service fees.


Sales (exclusive of VAT) in June

EUR mill.
Change-% 1-6/2015
EUR mill.
Stockmann Retail, Finland 47.4 -6.0 312.7 -8.7
Stockmann Retail,
international operations
18.6 -28.5 133.6 -19.9
Stockmann Retail, total 66.0 -13.7 446.3 -12.4
Lindex, total 63.7 3.4 300.1 -2.9
Operations in Finland, total* 54.1 -13.6 357.8 -11.9
Operations in Finland, excl. Seppälä 54.1 -4.9 345.8 -8.0
International operations, total* 75.6 -9.7 404.5 -11.4
International operations, excl. Seppälä 75.6 -6.9 400.6 -9.5
Stockmann, total* 129.7 -11.4 762.3 -11.7
Stockmann, total excluding Seppälä 129.7 -6.1 746.4 -8.8
* Includes Seppälä until 31 March 2015.
Change-%: change compared with the corresponding period of the previous year.