Lunchtime robbery at NK department store

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At 12.42 Saturday, a  robbery occurred in the Breitling store at NK in Stockholm in front of many people doing their weekend shopping.

The perpetrators got away with valuables from the shop.  According to witness reports, a guardian was knocked down.

The robbers then left in a red Audi.

Tabloid Expressen’s photographer Tomas LePrince was one of the witnesses in the drama.
He and his girlfriend visited the clock store to shop a pin to a clock and two minutes after they left the store, they heard a sudden cry from the staff who ran after the robbers.

”We met a guy upstairs that my girl found suspect at the time”, he says.
”As we had walked some distance, we heard how the staff cried “stop”, “stop”. They ran through the gates when we looked down”, said Tomas LePrince.
Several people inside NK was ran down by one or more of the robbers.